Refreshments at the slope

With every way up and down the slope, you burn calories. This means that you need to replenish your energy with something good to eat. You can choose from two snack bars, where you'll be offered satisfying, quality food.

Refreshments by the lower ski lift station

One snack bar with a lavatory is located by the lower ski lift station, right next to the P1 parking. Here you can get short order dishes, soups, desserts, hot and cold beverages and fast-food items. The indoor capacity is 50 seats, but you can also use the outdoor terrace with 50 more seats.

Refreshments by the upper ski lift station

You'll also find a small snack bar with an outdoor seating area by the upper ski lift station, where you can enjoy hot and cold beverages, toasted baguettes, hot dogs and other delicious food. We are looking forward to welcoming you there!